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    By requesting for admin you must agree to all the responsabilities and terms of use! Admins Responsibilities : Owner Responsible of whatever includes the server and has the right to change, edit or manage anything when it needs to. Their decisions are unquestionable Head Admins Responsible of server admins, controlling their works and responsible of sever moderation in order to ensure that everything is running as well as expected. Standard Administrators Responsible of server moderation & protection. Admins Commands: Owner All commands included Head Admin Almost everything except some rounds mod besides some other accesses that belongs to owner Standard Administrators We will list the most important commands and their rules Slap : Used when a zombie is blocking (3x Slaps) / When zombie is not attacking (3x Slaps) / Human on top of map ( somewhere that zombies can't reach : 3x Slaps ) / 2 VIP Members hiding in the slap spot ( 3x Slaps ) / Last insider human flying with jetpack ( 3x Slaps ) Slay : After the previous 3x Slap and the players still not fixed his behaviour you should be slaying him straight after! / zombie throwing bomb on 1 player ( Direct Slay ) / VIP locking weapons to last 2 humans / Insider member using siren ( zombie privilege ) on the last 2 humans ( Direct Slay ) gag : used for those who swears, insults, abuse etc ( 120minutes then increase if the player insists on his mistake) Kick : used when the player still not following the rules even after the slap/slay/gag punishments. Ban : used after the kick punishment if the player insists on his bad behaviour Insult : Abuse, Swears : 120 minutes ban ( if he still breaking rules even after gag ) Block, Infection bomb on 1 player ( after the slaps,slay punishments if he insists on his mistake ) Any type of hack ( Permanent ban ) Other reasons ( from 120 to 400 mins ) Note : Any single ban you're making should be posted in your banlist right after! Rounds Mods ( Swarm, Multiple, Plague ) : 1 time every normal 4 rounds Respawn : for those who join server and not spawned automatically ( only on normal infection mod ) 1 Admin at least should be in spectator in all the maps, you can exchange between you and the other connected ones, if an owner join and find admins playing while there is no one in spectator they’ll be all warned!
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  2. Server rules: Any insult, swearing, disrespect and cheating is strictly forbidden! Humans are forced to elliminate all zombies! Zombies are forced to spread the infection over human! It's forbidden to drop an infection bomb on 1 human-Slay/Kick/Ban 300 min! It's forbidden getting on the map's texture-Slay/Kick! [NEW]It is forbidden to use madnes on the last player-Ban 60 min [ADMIN] One admin must have it in spec due to: AFK/BLOCK/CHEATERS It's forbidden to block other players-Slay/Kick/Ban 60 min! [VIP] It is forbidden to lock weapons to the last player!-Remove vip [VIP] It is forbidden for more than one VIP person to be in the same shelter! [INSIDER]The last two people are not allowed to fly with Jetpack, they will be denied the option to buy Jetpack !! [INSIDER]It's forbidden to kill the last 2 human with siren-Remove insajder! [ADMIN]From now on, the admins will have to record a demo and attach it to the forum in a message after the ban [BUYING] Money is not refunded after purchase!!! If you don't know the basics, don't buy</h2><br> WHO DOESN'T FOLLOW THE RULES RESULTS WITH PUNISHMENT! ENJOY YOUR GAME!
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Happy Winter with SilentHell ❆

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