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  1. Hey there everyone ! Well im gonna start off by hoping that this is the real section where i have to put this topic in 😄 Well this one is saying hello more of a topic and I wanted to tell about myself a little bit more 🙂 Well I'm 22 years old and I'm born/living in Latvia . My in-game name is (El) Konstantines but my real name is Elvis. I'm really open to everyone and I'm friendly to those who are not being cocky or acting like they are the * too cool for you * type of people . Well my hobby's arethe gym and playing fpp video games as like ( counter strike , cod , Zero hour etc... ) As well I love playing some NHL with my mates and some other console games :D. I would say that I'm really competitve person even with my friends cause winning gives me a small satisfaction. I'm playing counter strike for around 10 years now and my player ''carrer'' started by playing these zombie modes with ammo packs and everything else 😄 at the time I didn't find other modes fitting for me. I started off by playing on some Lithuanian made servers cause they had everything that I really liked. Jetpack no recoil and some gold MP5 was all I needed to enjoy few hours of gaming 😄 . So after I got csgo I switched the games and didn't really come back to cs 1.6 cause I found something in Global Offensive that triggered me this competitve player inside of me. But as I played it more I really wanted to come back to good old zombie mode servers and just have a great time by playing it and just spending my free time doing something I always did back in the day and thats how I found about this community and I'm here for a good stop if you guys allow me to :D. Well I've seen some things that I would change to make server a little bit more ''balanced'' cause sometimes it's just crazy how good can someone be. But this topic isn't about it it's about me saying hello to you guys. I got some flu past week so I had more of free time so I downloaded 1.6 and came to your server and right away I understood that it gives me nostalgic feeling and I love the place. I find this server my kind type of server . Most of the people are friendly * there is some scums coming to just put their negative energy out and then they leave and never come back * but otherwise I like being here and spending my time here. Maybe there is more that I can't think off adding but for now I think it's all that I can share with you guys but for now I'm saying bye and see you in the zombie server ! 😄 El Konstantine * Elvis *

Happy Winter with SilentHell ❆

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