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I would love to start sharing with our members our updates concerning the forum and its relatives. 
Every single update will be posted here. 

I have updated many things so far and i will list them here : 

  • New theme ( SilentHell V1 Remastred ) : Created for gaming lovers and blue color fans. 
  • Introducing Swipe sliders, now it's easy to keep an eye on our updates by checking our swiping sliders :


  • Members country, now you can easily set and monitor your own country flag, add to that see everyone's country by going to profile settings --- Members country !
  • Donation Sidebar : now you're able to donate easily and from wherever you are by clicking on a button and it's all set!



  • Added Online Server List in the main forum page 
  • Added Members Shop Plugin ( More Details soon ) 
  • New reactions for posts 


  • Other bug fixes were also introduced.


Special thanks to @Vok3 for making most of updates possible. 
AKA PREDATOR - Community & Server Owner.

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Community Changes :  Moving From A Server Community to a Gaming Community . 

Since We Welcome New Server And Sonn In The Near Future Even More The Community Is No Longer A 1 Server Related But A Gaming Community That WIll Be Home To Many . With That Benn Said There Must Be Changes.

SilentHell Server Category

Moved The Following Categories : Banlist , Staff Only , Admins Reports , Suggestions , Community Administration For A More Organised Server .

You Will Find Everything Related To The Server Click Here !

New Server Added  - Birtija Public Nis

Click Here

More Changes Will Come Soon Considering The Community Ranks .

Silent Hell Community Administration .

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