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Theme (Obligatory stock):

*Last request:

Other information:




Type : (Avatar / Signature / Banner / Logo)
Dimensions : 175x175 or 200x200 or 600x600 for Avatars / 400x180 for Signatures.
Watermark : (Obligatory) : (SilentHell / SH / SILENTHELL.ORG / SH COMMUNITY).
Theme (OBLIGATORY STOCK): What can it be? : Cars / Girls / Boys / Nature / Hipster.
Last request (Obligatory): (Link from your last request)

If the avatar, banner, logo, signature does not have the watermark of our community, the request will not be made.
If there is a request for an avatar, banner, logo etc, without the correct format, the thread will be denied.

Design Managemet.

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Happy Winter with SilentHell ❆

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