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Mangup Na Babu

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Server rules:
Any insult, swearing, disrespect and cheating is strictly forbidden!
Humans are forced to elliminate all zombies!
Zombies are forced to spread the infection over human!
It's forbidden to drop an infection bomb on 1 human-Slay/Kick/Ban 300 min!
It's forbidden getting on the map's texture-Slay/Kick!
[NEW]It is forbidden to use madnes on the last player-Ban 60 min
[ADMIN] One admin must have it in spec due to: AFK/BLOCK/CHEATERS
It's forbidden to block other players-Slay/Kick/Ban 60 min!
[VIP] It is forbidden to lock weapons to the last player!-Remove vip
[VIP] It is forbidden for more than one VIP person to be in the same shelter!
[INSIDER]The last two people are not allowed to fly with Jetpack, they will be denied the option to buy Jetpack !!
[INSIDER]It's forbidden to kill the last 2 human with siren-Remove insajder!
[ADMIN]From now on, the admins will have to record a demo and attach it to the forum in a message after the ban 
[BUYING] Money is not refunded after purchase!!!
If you don't know the basics, don't buy</h2><br>


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Happy Winter with SilentHell ❆

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