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Forum Rules
on: February 05, 2022, 06:05:56 PM
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No Racism
Racism is strictly disallowed in our forums such as racist names or insulting someone's religion. You must respect other players religions/countries otherwise you will be banned.

No Disrespect
Swearing must be in context and appropriate in general discussion. Using swearing as a direct insult and not in a friendly way towards anyone will be dealt severely.

No Pornographic Content
CS is played by individuals, all aged 12+, that means this community also has members below 18 years of age. Posting inappropriate content like pornographic material, links, etc. on chatbox or in threads will lead to ban from servers and forums without warning.

No Advertising
Advertising other communities website/server IP's in threads, posts and chatbox is not allowed.

No fights with other members
Fighting amongst members is absolutely prohibited. If you have a problem with a member do not spread it on the forums. Discuss your problems privately or make a formal report. If your issues persist after you've done that, please contact one of the Staff+ team.

* Do not start pointless threads/post useless information to try and get your post count up.
* Do not spam/flood threads and posts.
* Political and religious discussion are prohibited.

Being a friend of high rank won't give you privileges without any work or without following requirements. This is a very big mistake. Do not try to use it as an advantage or actions will be taken.

Admin/Demo Reviewer/Server Manager Applications
If you are not an Admin+ of that specific server you may not post unless you get permission by the Server Manager+ in charge of that server.

Cheater Report/Unban Request
* Ban Requests: If you are not the author of the Ban Request, the individual getting reported or a DR/Staff+ you may not post in that thread unless you get permission to do so and with good reason.
* Unban Request: If you are not the author of the Unban Request, the Admin who banned him, or a DR/Staff+ you may not post in that thread unless you get permission to do so and with good reason.

Admin Abuse Report
If you are not the author of the thread, the Admin+ being reported, or a Server Manager+ you may not post in a thread in this section unless you have permission from a Staff+ to do so and with good reason (If you are providing concrete evidence to support or defend one side). Remember that breaking forum/servers rules will result in receiving warnings + punishments from Staff+.

* The creation of second accounts for the purposes of breaking rules/causing trouble will result in the banning of the second account and punishment of the owner of the primary account.
* You must not create an account to access Firewall during any time you have been banned from accessing the forum. Any secondary accounts will be banned.
* You must not create any member names that mimic or impersonate a member of the moderation or administration team
* Username changes are made at the discretion of the administrators. As a general rule, users are allowed to change their username at most once during the first month of their membership, and at most once between one month, though exceptions may be made.