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  1. So basically in last couple of days castiel has been really problematic. He keeps breaking the rules and when gets caught red handed he always have some kind of excuse. So i've got all the proof aswell. First thing he did was he got mad on player called beast for saying castiel dont camp. (before that castiel said to beast dont camp or slay and beast went out and everything was fine). After that player called beast said to castiel dont camp and castiel got mad and turned beast into first zombie without his consent. Here is the proof of that : https://prnt.sc/b4-2YKyCvd3q ( oh yea if you need a date for this to check chat logs in panel, it was 20.12. Alright, second thing was he slayed a player called Guja because he had a Premium gun Ak 47 Monster. He didnt try to find out who dropped him a gun, but instead the first thing he did was slay the player that had a premium gun for no reason. And on top of that he didnt explain to our new player why he did that. Here is proof of that aswell : https://prnt.sc/4z6pdvmkRCrX ( date of this was also 20.12 ) And last but not least was today. He said he "accidentally" dropped the bomb on Zixmk. When questioned he ignored me until i left the server and he said : " you said something to me? " I've got demo of that aswell but you might not see it clearly, but its something aswell.. When i tried to talk with him about that he was always playing victim role.. He never said yes i did expect today, when he said yes i dropped solo bomb TWICE but on accident. Other admins also complain about him and his work and his activity. Tho i must say he increased his activity but not by much. Please consider talking with him seriously or just remove his rank because this is starting to be unbearable. Thank you for your time! Have a nice day! ❤️ ( Note : I want to give a big big THANKS to colleague ECstasy for helping me out with this, and providing me the demo! ❤️ )

Happy Winter with SilentHell ❆

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